Tim’s Background

Tim is a multi-lingual camera operator based in South East Queensland.
He studied television and video production at university, and has worked in the television & video production industry for two decades.
He has car, motorbike, boat and scuba licenses, as well as dual passports.
Tim has filmed on the ground, on and under the water, on the snow, and in the air.


Some of Tim’s gigs

» Freelance Television & Video Camera Operation and Editing
» News Camera (ENG and Studio)
» 2018 Commonwealth Games
» Music Shows
» Lifestyle Shows
» Documentaries
» Instructional DVD’s
» Underwater Camera Operation (PADI Scuba Ticketed)
» Set Ups and Tear Downs
» Australian Open Tennis since 2002 (Studio, Court, R.F. and ‘Colour’ Cameras)
» Rove Live (Field and Studio Camera)
» The Sunday Footy Show
» Brisbane Tennis Open (Studio, Court and Presser Cameras)
» Motorcycle Camera Operation (Licensed)
» Boat Camera Operation (Licensed)
» Australian Formula One Grand Prix
» Audio
» Editing
» Helicopter and Hot Air Balloon Camera Operation


» Canon & Panasonic Lumix 4K, HD & SD Cameras
» Canon, Nikkor, Tokina, Sigma and Fujinon DSLR and Powered Servo ENG Lenses With Extenders and Filters
» LED Lights with Filters and Diffusers (Dimmable and Colour Adjustable)
» Super Cardioid and Shotgun Microphones
» Matte Box
» Custom Carbon Fibre and Aluminium Stabilizer
» Custom Stainless Steel and Aluminium Shoulder Rig
» ‘Run and Gun’ Cage Rig
» Manfrotto Tripod and Heads with Spider Dolly
» Hi Hat and Mini Skater Dolly
» High Capacity External Storage Drives
» Laptop with Editing Software and High Speed Mobile Broadband
» 2- and 4-Wheel Transport